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Frequently Asked Questions

What are your products made of?

All of our signs are made from REAL wood, and real wood has knots, variations in wood grain, and other such things which are impossible to avoid when using real wood. I personally hand-select every board to give you the HIGHEST quality product possible; however some wood character is truly unavoidable.

How are your signs made?

All of our flat signs are hand-made and hand-stained. Depending on the scale of your sign it may be hand-engraved or engraved from a CNC machine.


All of our waving flags are hand-made, and uniquely grinded to create a beautiful 3-D effect and then engraved by hand.

I don't see the size I want, what do I do?

That is no problem at all, we love custom orders and would love to work with you to bring your vision to life.

How accurate are the stain colors?

Please also note that colors may appear slightly different in person as they do from our stain examples. If you are nervous about a stain option, please message us and we can send you an example of a sign with the stain you are wanting.

Can I pick up locally?

Yes, if you are in the Nashville area we would be happy to schedule a time to meet your with your order.

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