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Rustic Waving First Responder Flag

Rustic Waving First Responder Flag

Beautifully hand-crafted, waving wooden American flag. Each flag is hand-crafted from 13 strips of solid wood and is hand-carved to resemble a waving flag. This line of flags are my "Thin Line" Flags. Each alternate represents something very special as labeled below. THIS Listing is particularly for the Extra Rustic Thin-Line Law Enforcement flag- BLUE Alternate. The middle strips is Hand-Painted in Blue in honor of law enforcement of all types.  Finally, each of the 50 stars are meticulously Hand-Engraved. 


The Extra-Rustic version of my flags is different in that the wood grain of all of the white stripes are enhanced using a custom torching method. This is where you get that beautiful darkened grain look. If you are looking for a standard look (no torching) please see my other flag listings. 


As a special thank you to all military, first responders, and their families, I include, FREE OF CHARGE, ONE Line of personalization! This is OPTIONAL (you do not have to add personalization). 
This may include, for example, the following: 
- An Individual's Name and can include Rank First M.I. Last (example: LT. Michael P. Murphy)
- A Family Name (i.e. The Smiths)
- The name of your Department (i.e. Nashville Fire Department)
- Station Number (i.e. Station 07)
Due to the significant time it takes to individually, custom Hand-Engrave each piece, there is a small add-on charge of $25 per additional line after the first line of personalization. 

*****PLEASE NOTE***** 
This particular listing is for my Extra Rustic BLUE-Alternate. 

Please check out my other listings for all of my alternates listed below.
RED: Firefighter
ORANGE: Search and Rescue
YELLOW: Dispatcher
GREEN: Military
BLUE: Law Enforcement
GRAY: Corrections
PINK: Breast Cancer Awareness
TEAL: PTSD Awareness 
MED LINE: Nursing/Healthcare
CAMO: Military Alternate
BLACKED OUT: No middle colored stripe

  • Hangers


    We do not add hangers to the back of our flags and signs. We do this simply because our products are made for such a variety of places- some for businesses, homes, vacation stays, outdoor areas, and many many more- therefore, the hanging location and method of hanging will vary dramatically. We leave it up to the customer to hang them as best suites their needs.


    Please reach out if you have any questions about hanging your flags and signs, we would be happy to help you.

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