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Waving Wooden 1776 American Flag

Waving Wooden 1776 American Flag

Beautifully hand-crafted, wooden American flag. This piece is carefully hand-crafted from 13 strips of solid wood and is carved to resemble a waving flag. After being sanded smooth to perfection, the stripes are stained red, the union blue, and the white stripes left the natural white-wood color, just like your traditional "Red, White, and Blue" United States flag. Finally, each of the 50 stars are meticulously Hand-Engraved.

Be sure to check out my line of "blended" American flags!!

  • Hangers


    We do not add hangers to the back of our flags and signs. We do this simply because our products are made for such a variety of places- some for businesses, homes, vacation stays, outdoor areas, and many many more- therefore, the hanging location and method of hanging will vary dramatically. We leave it up to the customer to hang them as best suites their needs.


    Please reach out if you have any questions about hanging your flags and signs, we would be happy to help you.

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